My Journey: 30 Hot Yoga Classes in 30 Days

30 dayI fell in love with hot yoga about a year and a half ago. It was a Groupon deal to a local Bikram yoga studio that reeled me in. Convinced by a friend to purchase the discounted classes, I was dragged to my first hot yoga session.

I felt awful after that first class, and not too much better after my second, but I kept going because hot yoga did something to my mind. I was amazed that for the full hour and a half in the hot room I didn’t think about my phone, email, work, finances, or other daily distractions. I was completely present.

Being present was a concept I had heard about before, but never really understood. My mind always jumped around from one task to the next and couldn’t calm itself down. In the hot room I was forced to focus on my breath and the poses. It demanded so much focus that I was unable to think about anything else. It truly was a moving meditation.

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