Travel Itch: Cbus and Cincy

The past year and a half hasn’t been perfect, and there hasn’t been much wiggle room for travel. But ohemgee do I want to travel. Explore. Learn. Experience. Grow.

I don’t even want to travel far. I want to explore U.S. cities and visit friends. Portland, San Francisco, Austin, NYC, Philly, Denver, Detroit, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans… Really any city that offers a cultural experience, I want to go there. The U.S. is full of so many little cultural hubs, and I feel guilty not knowing about them.

We have some other really important goals and commitments that seem to trump travel, but 3-day weekends are filling up my dreams. I’ve become obsessed. I’ve extensively searched and saved places on Airbnb, have flagged articles with exploration tips, asked friends for recommendations, etc.

Alex is a saint and hasn’t gotten too annoyed with my insistent pleas for travel, asks for a road trip, and tantrums about not being able to go. Always the stoic and responsible part of our duo, he calmly explains again and again why now is not the right time. I know he’s right, but I still manage to work myself into a semi-depression about it all.

So when we had the chance to take PTO and Alex suggested a trip to Cincinnati, I was ecstatic. We even mixed in a few staycation days here in Columbus.


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