3 New Favorite Instagram Artists 

I’ve come across some amazing artists on Instagram. Whether curated by other accounts, or suggested by the app itself, I am so happy that I found them. 

@sammichellepaintings – All the way in Australia, she creates impressive oil paintings with a unique stroke and style. Her current “Life Still” series is so beautiful. 

@humayrah_bint_altaf – These are the most unique needlepoint pieces I’ve ever seen. Incorporating beads and fancy layers, she makes beautiful beetles, bees, and butterflies. I love mixed media and really enjoy this new take on embroidery. 

@turn.studio – These pieces are the prefect marriage of pottery making and graphic design. He leverages technology to transfer impressive patterns onto clay. It’s so satisfying to watch a time lapse of each design be stenciled and glazed, or cutout and punched.


Unglamorous Brands Rocking Instagram

Last week I was prompted to think about unglamorous brands when Amy Taylor of Write Human brought up a compelling advertisement from Air Wick. I started to dig for additional brands that might have an even harder time than her example.

What I uncovered was incredibly inspiring! There are some seriously unsexy brands pushing out amazing content everyday.

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Let’s Do Even More With Facebook Filters

facebook-profile-filterIt’s incredible to see my Facebook news feed transform with filtered profile photos when a major social initiative is underway (marriage equality), or when people across the world need support. The use of filters and symbols can be powerful — expression when there aren’t enough words to explain.

Yet I  wish we could do more than just express our support.

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Personalized Marketing with #RedCrossOnTheWay

UntitledIt used to be that when you donated blood the story stopped there. You left the donation center with cookies, juice and a colorful bandage, but once you removed the gauze, the connection to your donation was gone.

You knew that you were ultimately helping someone in need, but your impact  was intangible.

Noting this disconnection, Red Cross instituted #RedCrossOnTheWay, sharing a little more of the story with those who give blood.

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