3 New Favorite Instagram Artists 

I’ve come across some amazing artists on Instagram. Whether curated by other accounts, or suggested by the app itself, I am so happy that I found them. 

@sammichellepaintings – All the way in Australia, she creates impressive oil paintings with a unique stroke and style. Her current “Life Still” series is so beautiful. 

@humayrah_bint_altaf – These are the most unique needlepoint pieces I’ve ever seen. Incorporating beads and fancy layers, she makes beautiful beetles, bees, and butterflies. I love mixed media and really enjoy this new take on embroidery. 

@turn.studio – These pieces are the prefect marriage of pottery making and graphic design. He leverages technology to transfer impressive patterns onto clay. It’s so satisfying to watch a time lapse of each design be stenciled and glazed, or cutout and punched.


Creative Mornings: Magick

The world-wide collaborative called CreativeMornings has officially hit Columbus. It’s a free breakfast lecture series for the creative community. Cities everywhere follow a chosen theme and bring forward guest speakers who embody the given concept.

It should be no surprise that the Columbus Museum of Art is leading the charge with coordination of this gathering. They hosted the very first CreativeMornings Columbus event last month.

One differentiator for the Columbus initiative is that it’s not closed off to the so-called creative or design community. To CMOA the classification of “creatives” is extremely broad. Art is everywhere, everyone can be creative, and the concepts discussed are relevant and enriching to whoever wants to listen. Therefore anyone is welcome to enjoy the free coffee, breakfast, networking, and thought-provoking lectures.

September was all about magic, and Columbus speaker Gabe Michael Kenney brought forward extremely rich concepts to the group. He covered a lot of material in a short period of time, but all of his ideas were very impactful.

I can’t even come close to recapping his presentation, but here is what I absorbed and am still thinking about two weeks after listening…

Magic can be defined many different ways. But Aleister Crowley defined magic as magick, deferentiating it from performance art and trickery. He described it as, “the science and art of making change to occur in conformity with will.” Viewed in this way means that magick exists in everything.

This matches CMOA’s message that anyone can be an artist. Art and therefore magick fits every behavior – writing, walking, dancing, talking, painting, mathematics…

This inclusive concept inspires me. You may not be particularly skilled or the best at something, but you can still be an artist with whatever medium you desire.

Gabe covered so much more but this struck a cord with me. Art as magick and magick as art.

View his entire presentation via video by clicking below.


October will be all about TRANSPARENCY and I can’t wait to hear what the guest presenter has to offer. Mark your calendars for October 21. See you there!

Independents Day 2016 

By far, my favorite Columbus festival is Independents Day. And it continues to get better every year, but 2016 is going to be really hard to beat. 

My favorite part was the flower installation work done by Sunny Meadows Flower Farm. The festival’s visual commander miss.birdy had a vision to create an environment that made people engage with their surroundings, point, and look at new details. See nailed it. People flocked to the bridge where she set up beautiful seating areas and hung flowers. The space was magical. I’ve never seen so much awe or joy in a crowd. Everyone was enamored with the previously invisible space.  

(Photos from @littlecritters00, @ckovitya, @unikoen, and me.)

The expanded beer tent was also an upgrade. All my favorite local breweries were present and there were even options for wine or mixed drinks. I enjoyed sipping Zauber and Rhinegeist very much 🙂 

There were more vendors this year than ever before. Where Alex and I were set up with a table in the Columbus Idea Foundry there were close to double the amount of people than in 2015. Outside our building, the tents housed tons of exciting local artists and activities.  

I also really loved seeing kids walk through the Columbus Idea Foundry in awe. They were so curious. Alex was demoing how he makes his chess pieces and kids lingered for more than 10 minutes, watching him on the lathe. Many had never thought about how game pieces or other familiar objects were made. Similarly, they hung at the 3D printing stations and virtual reality arena.

I made a purchase, too. I picked up 2 books from Two Dollar Radio. I had never heard of them before, but they publish independent works. Have you checked out any of their authors? Im excited to dive in! 

If you were there at IDfest, what parts did you love the most? Or what did you buy and discover? 

4 Stories I Can’t Forget

There are a few podcast episodes I find myself bringing up again and again in social conversations. The stories are so darn interesting, I can’t stop thinking about them.

1. For starters, did you know that there is an underground crime ring for Venus fly traps?! No joke. Stealing and reselling the plants is grounds for big money and big trouble.

Criminal – Episode 5: Dropping Like Flies

2. The history of white bread fascinates me. The mass production of sliced bread was spurred when village bakers started cutting ingredients with fillers like saw dust. WHAT?!

99% – Episode 137: Good Bread

3. You’ve probably seen a Thomasson somewhere but didn’t know there was a name to describe it. They are architectural leftovers or mistakes that are kept and maintained. You know, the second-floor doors that open to nothing, stairs that go nowhere, paths that just stop. There’s a whole story behind how these monuments got themselves a name.

99% – Episode 129: Thomassons

4. I didn’t realize that other countries handle trash collection differently than we do in the U.S. In Taiwan there are music playing garbage trucks that ride around five days of the week. Residents all bring their trash out to street corners at designated times and wait for the trucks to come by to collect. Even more interesting than the fact that they don’t have dumpsters or garbage cans is that garbage bags are really expensive. The trucks only accept government sanctioned blue bags, so the market and high price is fixed. People are therefore incentivized to generate less trash. This different approach impacts their entire culture.

99% – Episode 213: Separation Anxiety


Accepting Iteration

The Columbus Museum of Art hosted a Creativity Summit this last week, and it was nothing short of incredible. My employer Zipline Logistics sponsored the summit, and as an attendee, I took away tons of value.

Infusing creativity into education was a major theme (which I’ll likely continue to blog about beyond this post) and I learned a lot that will benefit internal communications back at my office. Personally, I also learned about enhancements I can make to my own creative process.


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Experience and Creativity

Steve Jobs has a quote that explains where true creativity stems from, “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

Exposure; having as many experiences as possible in order to naturally make connections, dream up new solutions, and be truly creative. I mean, you only know what you know. Right? You have to learn more and see more in order to instinctively form new ideas.

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New-Found Love for hitRECord

I’m mad I didn’t know about hitRECord until now. How did I miss the memo about this amazing site!? Thankfully a friend more hip than me brought it up in conversation.

Do you know about it? Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yes that one) created an open collaborative production company that releases short films, books, DVDs… tons of awesome media that is created by multiple people, from everywhere. Prompts go up from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and from general users – and you can contribute your writing, audio, animation, painting, video, or whatever, to expand upon that idea. When an idea really takes off or gets epic submissions, hitRECord sometimes turns the content into something real. It goes further than the internet. I love that.

An active, global art community. It doesn’t get any better!

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