Love for Needle and Thread

If I had to identify the moment when I first developed an interest in embroidery, I’d have to say the day when my mother bought a tiny needle-point piece at a craft fair. I remember being in awe of the details. It’s tiny features are enamoring. Especially the sheep and their shadows!

I’ll never find this artist again, which hurts to admit, because I want to see so much more of her work! 

On the bright side, Instagram has introduced me to many new embroidery artists. They bring creative approaches to needle work, mixing thread with different media and making pieces that look like paintings.

@artiststephaniekellyclark, @humayrah_bint_altaf, @bordaros

This might be my favorite… a mix of watercolor and embroidery – so different! – and from Columbus artist @leahstorrs


@slow_stitch_sophie, @chloegiordano_embroidery, @memorialstitches, @sewandsaunders

I want to learn embroidery, some day, but haven’t made the jump. I’m currently trying to focus on painting with acrylics and just signed up for a clay class. I want to do it all! But for now, will just admire this amazing thread work and get inspired 🙂


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