Latest Reads: February 2017

Here are some short reviews of books I’ve read lately.

Dark Matter: This book won numerous awards in 2016 and all accolades are well-deserved. Full of action and science, it’s also romantic. You’ll reflect and appreciate all that you have in life after reading.

Swing Time: This book follows two girls as they grow up and grow apart. It touches on everything that helps shape an individual… income, education, parenting, friendships, career choice, culture, etc. I look forward to reading more books by Zadie Smith. 

All the Single Ladies: This book is very thought provoking. It digs deep into the cultural shifts that are enabling more women to bypass the standard family unit and stay-at-home lifestyle.

The Twelve, City of Mirrors: These books are the second and third (final) books in the popular series by Justin Cronin about the world after a science experiment goes wrong. I flew through these and wish the story wasn’t over. 

Edgar Sawtelle: If you love dogs, you’ll be touched by this book. It’s raw and impressive, but also surprisingly sad. 


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