Target Dreaming 

I went to Target the other day to buy an insulated lunch box (lame, I know!) and spent at least an hour loitering in the home goods area. They have SO MUCH good stuff right now it’s unbelievable. The personal restraint I employed deserves a medal. 

I started imagining what it’d be like to trash everything I currently have at my apartment and redecorate from scratch. Clearly not a possibility… but the idea of decorating in one full sweep rather than piece by mismatched piece was dreamy. 

Here are the goodies I can’t stop thinking about… 

Modern by Dwell has a new line exclusively at Target, and this lounge chair is super wide and deep. We’re waiting to buy a new couch until we move into a house and I’d like to buy accent chairs at the same time. This would be perfect! ($250)

You can never have enough vases, right? This speckled number is so sweet! ($18)

This picture doesn’t do the tray justice. Pink marble with grays and tinges of green… it’s heavy, solid and so beautiful! But I have so many other trays I have no idea what I’d do with another. ($27)

Rugs tie everything in a room together. We already have this style in the reverse color pattern, and it’s so soft and comfy! (8×10 – $789)

Saving all these for when we actually CAN redecorate all at once. You can bet a large portion of our (eventual) house decorations will come from Target. 


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