3 New Favorite Instagram Artists 

I’ve come across some amazing artists on Instagram. Whether curated by other accounts, or suggested by the app itself, I am so happy that I found them. 

@sammichellepaintings – All the way in Australia, she creates impressive oil paintings with a unique stroke and style. Her current “Life Still” series is so beautiful. 

@humayrah_bint_altaf – These are the most unique needlepoint pieces I’ve ever seen. Incorporating beads and fancy layers, she makes beautiful beetles, bees, and butterflies. I love mixed media and really enjoy this new take on embroidery. 

@turn.studio – These pieces are the prefect marriage of pottery making and graphic design. He leverages technology to transfer impressive patterns onto clay. It’s so satisfying to watch a time lapse of each design be stenciled and glazed, or cutout and punched.


Spurring Wonder

The Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) will be hosting their third annual Wonderball event on Saturday, January 28. If you’ve never been, it’s amazing! The entire Museum transforms into a party that’s geared at inspiring creativity and wonder in guests.

Attendees can freely explore the exhibits where rooms have been enhanced with lights, music, food, drink, and activities. This year there will be music from DJs Charles Erickson and Donnie Mossman and live music by Popgun, plus bites from Columbus’ best eateries, creative experiences, cocktails and more.

I’m so excited! In the spirit of sparking wonder, here is a mood board that highlights what currently inspires me…


Volunteering with CMA to promote the event, I have been lucky enough to also work with a few Columbus bloggers. They created their own mood boards, highlighted personal sources of creativity, and hosted themed giveaways. Luckily some of these giveaways are still open! Check out the below links for chances to win Wonderball tickets, event-themed nail art, and/or pre-event hair styling. I’d enter myself, but will be wearing a black and white wig to the party!

Creative Babes

Blonde in Blues

Cohen Places

Columbus Living Blog

Eat Play Cbus

Wander & Whine

Target Dreaming 

I went to Target the other day to buy an insulated lunch box (lame, I know!) and spent at least an hour loitering in the home goods area. They have SO MUCH good stuff right now it’s unbelievable. The personal restraint I employed deserves a medal. 

I started imagining what it’d be like to trash everything I currently have at my apartment and redecorate from scratch. Clearly not a possibility… but the idea of decorating in one full sweep rather than piece by mismatched piece was dreamy. 

Here are the goodies I can’t stop thinking about… 

Modern by Dwell has a new line exclusively at Target, and this lounge chair is super wide and deep. We’re waiting to buy a new couch until we move into a house and I’d like to buy accent chairs at the same time. This would be perfect! ($250)

You can never have enough vases, right? This speckled number is so sweet! ($18)

This picture doesn’t do the tray justice. Pink marble with grays and tinges of green… it’s heavy, solid and so beautiful! But I have so many other trays I have no idea what I’d do with another. ($27)

Rugs tie everything in a room together. We already have this style in the reverse color pattern, and it’s so soft and comfy! (8×10 – $789)

Saving all these for when we actually CAN redecorate all at once. You can bet a large portion of our (eventual) house decorations will come from Target.