2016 Holiday Wishlist


1 – I’ve committed to walking to or from work a few times a week. Living only 1.5 miles from my office means that I can fit in a little extra movement before I sit at my desk for 8 hours. But as winter approaches I need a pair of flat, warm, stylish boots. All my current boots have heels and my hunting shoes are way too clunky. This pair from Sorel is perfect. ($150)

2 – I’m slightly addicted to Rodan & Fields products because I have a major fear of aging (and have acne). Their microdermabrasion paste helps get rid of dead skin and encourages cell regeneration. I use this a few times a week and am due for a refill. ($80)

3 – I really want a mirror to decorate our bedroom. Right now things are a bit drab and dark, but a large round mirror would brighten it up a lot. Plus, I just love round mirrors… ($129)

4 – I’m trying to take better care of myself and that includes working out. I am currently doing two Orange Theory classes a week to up my cardio. I’ve only been a member at their studio for a month, but I can tell it’s what I need in order to lose my extra weight and get stronger. Right now I rent one of their proprietary heart rate monitors each class, but I’d love to have my own. (Only available at an OT studio – $69)

5-  I used the same blowdryer throughout high school and college and even into being a young professional… that is until a friend told me how awful mine was after she borrowed it. I had no idea other blowdryers could style my hair in half the time. Mine was worn out. So I bought a new, but cheap, option from Giant Eagle. It didn’t last long and now I am ready for a full upgrade. You can’t go wrong treating your hair right. ($199)

6 – I love the choker trend and have been wearing a thin velvet one for awhile. But that’s all I have, and a girl needs some jewelry options. These simple additions are exactly my style. ($23)

7 – I own Domino’s first book from 2008, The Book of Decorating, and love it. They just released their second, Your Guide to a Stylish Home, and I can’t even fathom how wonderful it is. All new content, photos, and tips… Eeek!! ($27 on Amazon)

8 – We need new pillows for our couch. I want to keep our current furniture until we buy a house. That means our couch is a bit ragged and new decorative pillows would breathe serious new life. (For velvet pillow: Cover $9.99, inner pillow $9.99; For knit pillow: Cover $24.99, inner pillow $9.99)

9 – If you’ve ever been to my townhome, you know that I LOVE good candles. I am currently obsessed with an Ohio-based company called 1820 House. I like their B. Elixer line and their Jasmine & Coconut scent. But I also want to try all their new holiday aromas… you can’t go wrong! ($27 each)


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