Yellow Springs Day Trip

There are so many places to explore in Ohio… hidden gems, if you will. So when my coworkers told me about Yellow Springs, I knew it was a place I had to visit.

With fall and colorful leaves hitting Columbus late this year, we pushed our trip right up to Halloween weekend. The weather ended up being beautiful. 

There are numerous hiking trails availble but we chose to check out Glen Helen Nature Preserve. It had so many path options and things to see. 

After a few hours exploring Glen Helen, we went into town to walk through shops and grab food. The buildings were adorable and there was art in every corner. It was a shame we could only try one cafe! They all sounded delicious. I ended up ordering yummy pork tacos from Aleta’s.

To close our day trip, we enjoyed beer flights at the Yellow Springs Taproom. Literally all their brews were great! My personal favorite was Birkensocks, an amber saison. 

But on our way out of town we saw a place called Utters and Putters (or Young’s Dairy)… ice cream and golf, yes please! We hit so many balls on the range that I got a blister. That’s a sign of a good time.

We’re already planning our next trip… only 45 mins from Columbus, Yellow Springs makes for a perfect experience. On our list to check out is John Bryan Park, Winds Cafe, and the Christmas celebrations at Clifton Mill.


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