Creative Mornings: Magick

The world-wide collaborative called CreativeMornings has officially hit Columbus. It’s a free breakfast lecture series for the creative community. Cities everywhere follow a chosen theme and bring forward guest speakers who embody the given concept.

It should be no surprise that the Columbus Museum of Art is leading the charge with coordination of this gathering. They hosted the very first CreativeMornings Columbus event last month.

One differentiator for the Columbus initiative is that it’s not closed off to the so-called creative or design community. To CMOA the classification of “creatives” is extremely broad. Art is everywhere, everyone can be creative, and the concepts discussed are relevant and enriching to whoever wants to listen. Therefore anyone is welcome to enjoy the free coffee, breakfast, networking, and thought-provoking lectures.

September was all about magic, and Columbus speaker Gabe Michael Kenney brought forward extremely rich concepts to the group. He covered a lot of material in a short period of time, but all of his ideas were very impactful.

I can’t even come close to recapping his presentation, but here is what I absorbed and am still thinking about two weeks after listening…

Magic can be defined many different ways. But Aleister Crowley defined magic as magick, deferentiating it from performance art and trickery. He described it as, “the science and art of making change to occur in conformity with will.” Viewed in this way means that magick exists in everything.

This matches CMOA’s message that anyone can be an artist. Art and therefore magick fits every behavior – writing, walking, dancing, talking, painting, mathematics…

This inclusive concept inspires me. You may not be particularly skilled or the best at something, but you can still be an artist with whatever medium you desire.

Gabe covered so much more but this struck a cord with me. Art as magick and magick as art.

View his entire presentation via video by clicking below.


October will be all about TRANSPARENCY and I can’t wait to hear what the guest presenter has to offer. Mark your calendars for October 21. See you there!


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