4 Stories I Can’t Forget

There are a few podcast episodes I find myself bringing up again and again in social conversations. The stories are so darn interesting, I can’t stop thinking about them.

1. For starters, did you know that there is an underground crime ring for Venus fly traps?! No joke. Stealing and reselling the plants is grounds for big money and big trouble.

Criminal – Episode 5: Dropping Like Flies

2. The history of white bread fascinates me. The mass production of sliced bread was spurred when village bakers started cutting ingredients with fillers like saw dust. WHAT?!

99% – Episode 137: Good Bread

3. You’ve probably seen a Thomasson somewhere but didn’t know there was a name to describe it. They are architectural leftovers or mistakes that are kept and maintained. You know, the second-floor doors that open to nothing, stairs that go nowhere, paths that just stop. There’s a whole story behind how these monuments got themselves a name.

99% – Episode 129: Thomassons

4. I didn’t realize that other countries handle trash collection differently than we do in the U.S. In Taiwan there are music playing garbage trucks that ride around five days of the week. Residents all bring their trash out to street corners at designated times and wait for the trucks to come by to collect. Even more interesting than the fact that they don’t have dumpsters or garbage cans is that garbage bags are really expensive. The trucks only accept government sanctioned blue bags, so the market and high price is fixed. People are therefore incentivized to generate less trash. This different approach impacts their entire culture.

99% – Episode 213: Separation Anxiety



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