Birthday Musings

June marks my birthday month. So I thought it was time to pull together another wish list of goodies that I am currently coveting.

WISH (1).png

1 – Platform sandals are my favorite shoe for summer. They are so darn comfy (really), practical, and cute. So when honestly wtf visited and recently featured BRYR clogs, I fell in love. I could wear every style, but if forced to choose just one, the Annabelle Peep Toe is my favorite. They are all handmade, customizable, and made to order. $256 

2- I’ve been running a lot more lately, thanks to Columbus Sole, so I desperately need new running shoes (I think the ones I have now are three years old…) New styles from Adidas really grab me. I love these simple gray kicks. They look much sleeker and luxe than typical sneakers. $85

3 – I recently learned that the boot company Sorel also makes sandals and wedges. They are super stylish and look legit/sturdy. Their Joanie Lace style is my favorite, and I could see myself wearing these everywhere. $140

4 – Not a fan of padding, bralettes have always been my favorite style. All of a sudden every place that sells bras or sportswear has a ton of strappy and lacy bralette styles. They used to be so hard to find! And definitely not stylish. These ones from aerie are affordable and supportive. I want them all. $30, BOGO $10

5- Right now my kitchen is full of mismatched plates and ugly dishes. Slowly I am trying to build up a more appealing set of serving ware. I love white marble, and the general mixing of white, black and gray that it brings. This beautiful, handmade serving bowl reminds me of the luxury of marble, and I would love for it to be one of the initial kitchen pieces I invest in. $102

6 – I’m terrible at reading articles online. Even though I subscribe to The New Yorker emails, I’ve been debating about buying a print subscription forever. I want to more regularly absorb the great writing. That’s one of the main ways to improve, right? Read the best, then implement and practice what I learn. As an untrained writer, this is essential for me. $68/year

7 – Anyone who’d been to my house, or looks at my social media ‘liking’ activity, knows that I’m obsessed with plants. I constantly come home with succulents or house plants. I struggle to keep them alive, but I’m getting better. In Columbus, my favorite stores are STUMP and Straders. So when the Cleveland-based artisan Liza Rifkin introduced her metal succulent jewelry, I immediately wanted to wear it. Succulents that I can’t kill, and can bring with me everywhere! Yes please. (Fun fact – Liza and I graduated high school in NY together!) The pictured necklace is my favorite, but she has a ton of other great designs, including earrings and bracelets. $168

8 – I am also in the market for an iPad… finally jumping on the bandwagon after borrowing a coworker’s iPad for a recent trip, I feel as though I need one; of course that includes accessories… This hand-made marbled leather case is amazing. $110


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