Obsessed with Onboard Magazines

I have a weird obsession with onboard magazines from airlines like Delta, United, and Southwest.

My father works in sales, and helps me indulge in this obsession by snagging all the different magazines he can while traveling. For awhile I felt like a subscriber to Delta’s content. It was amazing.

Right now I am flying to Ft. Lauderdale via Southwest for a transportation marketing conference and before boarding was literally giddy about the prospect of reading their latest magazine issue. It was neatly stuffed into the pocket of the seat in front of me, a present ready to open.

For the longest time I didn’t know what the appeal was.

Maybe it’s access. I can only read the ones that my father or I happen to grab while flying. I’ve looked into it, and you can’t subscribe to these things. If you’re reading this and know how, PLEASE SHARE. I want to know the secret.

I think it’s the worldliness of the content, but also the approachability. I like travel magazines, but find myself throwing them away before I finish reading. I can’t relate to the high-end resorts or dining options that they highlight. Even if I did go on vacation to those locations (which I won’t) I couldn’t afford the extravagance of the destinations. Comparably, the in-flight magazines provide me with information that I hungerily snap pictures of, circle, and use. They talk about destinations and activities that I may actually go to and enjoy. I can easily learn about U.S. cities and dream about future trips.

Plus, they have real stories, essays, and features about genuinely interesting people and products. I naturally want to learn about what they have to share. They aren’t just travel or lifestyle magazines. They are a combination of the two, plus a little extra something else.

Perhaps it’s also the mindset I’m in when reading them. I’m happy when traveling. I don’t jet-set often, and it’s usually an exciting thing to be flying. My mood is positive when I’m skimming through the pages. This feeling tansendsĀ back with me to the ground.

Airline magazines feed my curiosity. I never know what will be next when turning the pages. They are like a mini trip in themselves!


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