Summing and Humming

Currently jumping into a new chapter of my life, I keep thinking about how I want to present myself. What things do I want to hold on to, and what do I want to let go of? Playing through favorite moments and traits as I contemplate my answers, I keep thinking about music. Certain songs stick with you and can help form who you are. So here’s an attempt at summing myself up through a list of favorite songs! Hope you enjoy the playlist ūüôā

Leo Kaylan – Fingertips: Need some real feels? This song will warm you up! It also showcases¬†my need to continually find music not yet played on the radio. There’s a¬†rush when you are able to enjoy a song that not many other people have heard.

Janet Jackson – That’s the Way Love Goes: I have memories of dancing to this song with my mom, blasting Janet’s cassette tapes while doing chores and cooking dinner. It makes almost every playlist of mine.

Hall and Oates – Rich Girl: Seeing Hall and Oates live in concert will forever stand out as a favorite memory. There are not many bands where I know the words to every song, but Daryl and John have securely staked their spot in my brain.

Steely Dan – Do it Again: First discovered¬†in my dad’s music collection, I have a soft spot for Steely Dan. Not a die-hard fan by any means, I just like to listen to their music with a sense of happy nostalgia and appreciation.

Lady Gaga РDance in the Dark: This is the song Gaga opened her tour with in 2011. I went twice (Buffalo and Cleveland) and cried both times. Her message about self confidence and loving who you are speaks right to my heart, and also makes for killer cardio music.

Diamond Rio – Beautiful Mess:¬†This song was my ringtone for a long while. It makes me so happy! I hope everyone has the chance to feel the level of almost obsessive joy that they sing about; someone or something you just can’t get enough of.

Train РHey, Soul Sister: I am not a major fan of Train, but am a big fan of this song. It came out right when I started dating my man back in 2010 and it pulls major weight.

Lindsey Sterling – Beyond the Veil: I’m also big on instrumental tracks and really enjoy orchestras. (Probably because of the years I spent playing the flute and piccalo.) Lindsey Sterling does a killer job at mixing electronic beats with violin. I’ve never heard anything else like her. If you have the chance to see her in concert, you must.

Susie Suh – Here With Me: On a ton of yoga playlists, this song carries a sense of calm with it. It reminds me of each step in my yoga journey, as it has been a constant throughout.

Erik Hassle – No Words: I found this song during a¬†slump with my depression, and it pulled me right out. Maybe it was the music video. I’ll never forget the visual of the artist stirring his coffee with the stem of a white flower. How simple yet what a beautiful thing. It reminded me of all the small treasures in my life and all the joy that can be found in small everyday things.

This playlist is all over the place… kind of like me! And it was really hard to identify. I debated adding…

  • Kygo – Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (not on Spotify, listen here)
  • John Ryan – Elevator¬†(not on Spotify, listen here)
  • Sebastian Carter (Remix) – Jupiter Grayscale – Gallant (not on Spotify, listen here)
  • Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
  • MGMT – Electric Feel
  • Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream
  • Disclosure – Latch
  • John Mayer – Belief
  • alt-J – Dissolve Me
  • Tom Petty – Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  • The Weekend – Pretty
  • Ratatat – Cream on Chrome
  • Miguel – Simple Things
  • Snoop Dog – Beautiful

But I did learn that a large portion of the songs that carry weight are from singers/bands I have seen perform live. Should have known!

What songs would you use in order to tell a little bit about yourself?


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