Past and Present

2015 has been challenging, yet somehow still extremely rewarding and full of happiness. I love my man more than ever, haven’t had a drink in almost a year, feel resoundingly positive about everything, and have exciting news to share (keep reading!)

The winding road of 2015 started when I was forced to admit I wasn’t happy with how things were unfolding in my professional life. I spent a large chunk of my time figuring things out.

Working for five years in an agency environment, I asked myself the natural question of whether or not I wanted to stay in the space, or try something new. Luckily an opportunity to test out the “client side” of things popped up. I took a contract position and started to feel out what it would be like to work with just one company, instead of for multiple clients. The decrease in my stress level was dramatic. I had a restored sense of control and determination and finally felt balance. Things felt right.

But of course fear got in the way, making a mess. Was I was going to get bored working for just one company? Would my skills fall behind? Not yet fully convinced of a new direction, I started to freelance, working again on numerous projects. I took on management of social media advertising, ghostwrote for a handful of blogs, and helped past contacts with proactive PR. While this continued to grow my confidence, I still felt like I hadn’t answered any of my bigger life questions and that I was still back at the starting line. I needed to push myself a little harder…

So I interviewed with companies dedicated to education, manufacturing, and transportation. You see, I have a soft spot for STEM education and the skilled trades and felt that seeking out a career in the space would be rewarding.

This interest blossomed when I previously worked with Central Ohio career technical schools and fell in love with their mission and message. Vocational schools offer training for incredible career options that I wish I had been introduced to as a young student. But unable to easily enter the skilled workforce of technicians, engineers, and manufacturers, I took a round-about way and decided to bring my marketing and communication skill set to a company in this realm.

So where have I landed? This coming week I will officially be starting at Zipline Logistics, serving as their marketing specialist. Logistics is a field that fascinates me. Goods will always need to go from one place to another, but the way they travel and the technology used to track shipments is constantly evolving. Smart logistics and the internet of things bring endless possibility to the field.

It feels like to the right time to jump into this industry, learn as much as I can, and dedicate myself to the goals of one organization. Often perceived as blue-collar work, logistics struggles to pull in new technical talent, drivers, and transporters. On top of role-specific goals, I also look forward to doing my part to encourage more youth to look at logistics as a viable career option.

So with things looking up, what are my resolutions for 2016?

  • Dive into my new career path wholeheartedly!
  • Be present.
  • Continue to declutter my home.
  • Read more! In 2015 I read very few books – this is terrible, shocking, and something I cannot repeat, ever again (dramatization necessary.)
  • Continue to deepen my yoga practice.
  • Paint/make/write more.
  • Explore more U.S. cities.




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