Unglamorous Brands Rocking Instagram

Last week I was prompted to think about unglamorous brands when Amy Taylor of Write Human brought up a compelling advertisement from Air Wick. I started to dig for additional brands that might have an even harder time than her example.

What I uncovered was incredibly inspiring! There are some seriously unsexy brands pushing out amazing content everyday.

LOLA: I don’t really care to talk about is my period. With a some-what uncomfortable topic leading their charge, what is a new emerging brand focused on tampons supposed to do? LOLA, a 100 percent cotton tampon option that offers home delivery, has made the topic essentially classy with their social posts. LOLA partners with other brands a lot. (Or perhaps they just post about other brands they want to associate with. I can’t tell. But either way it works.) This makes their posts no longer just about tampons. LOLA weaves itself into other essential items in the lives of their target audience. Natural makeup, face cleansers, exercise, etc. LOLA also has reoccurring campaigns like #LOLAshelfie and #TMItuesday, and has a killer sense of humor.


Poo-pourri: I don’t really find “potty-talk” humorous and wasn’t really sure where a product that is literally all about poop was going to take their social media content. Turns out that Poo-pourri is rocking it! The company doesn’t shy away from what it is. Poo-pourri embraces the poop emoji, leverage toilet paper roles for content, and doesn’t take bowel movements too seriously.



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