2015 Gift Ideas for Her


1 – I’ve never bought a bra online, but I am very interested in True & Co. They offer a detailed survey for all users in order to help identify styles that will actually fit, then curate a selection of bras best suited for you ($68). I also love their essential clothing items. The silky tan cami ($58) is swoon-worthy.

2 – Henri Bendel candles are simply the best. They last so long, and smell so good. At $30 each they are also more affordable than other high-end options. My favorite scents are Firewood and Jasmine.

3 – I have had the same wallet since high school. It’s time for an upgrade. This option ($80) from Triple C combines my love for leather goods and my need for tech accessories. It includes a built-in, battery-powered phone charger. Perfect for when my phone dies while out and about.

4 – I am a novice when it comes to essential oils, but do know that I enjoy aroma therapy. That’s why Lava Essentials is on my list. A small Etsy shop, Lava Essentials makes jewelry that diffuses essential oils.  The classic bracelet pictured ($18) is my favorite.

5 – Unbelievably I have been using my cell phone for over a year with no protective case. My luck is running out and it’s time for me to add protection and style to my daily tech. I want a white marble case ($23), and Etsy offers up tons of options.

6 – Clinique is a classic brand that I keep going back to. This last year I tried natural oil-based face washes, and even though my skin was incredibly smooth, I had a lot of breakouts. I am ready to go back to my traditional Clinique 3-step care ($20, $24, $26). The Dramatically Different face lotion is the best face care product I’ve ever used. Not only does it quench my skin, it has a one-of-a-kind scent that makes me nostalgic.

7 – Pamela Barsky makes the snarkiest pouches, and I need one. Her “damn, you found my pot” pouch ($16.50) would make for a perfect makeup bag! Who doesn’t want to giggle each time they put on lipstick?

8 – My favorite scent is called kai. It’s a “light and intoxicating scent of gardenia wrapped in white exotics.” I could ask for one of everything… shampoo, body wash, perfume, laundry detergent… but if limited to just one item, their hand cream ($19) is incredibly uplifting. Having this in my bag at all times is a must.

9 – And for any yogi on your list the newly released 2,100 Asanas book ($24) is the perfect gift. It is a complete guide to yoga poses and variations. 


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