Personalized Marketing with #RedCrossOnTheWay

UntitledIt used to be that when you donated blood the story stopped there. You left the donation center with cookies, juice and a colorful bandage, but once you removed the gauze, the connection to your donation was gone.

You knew that you were ultimately helping someone in need, but your impact  was intangible.

Noting this disconnection, Red Cross instituted #RedCrossOnTheWay, sharing a little more of the story with those who give blood.

Tagged with bar-codes and tracked for inventory purposes, the Red Cross tracks where blood travels to and from. Marrying this data with email marketing and social media efforts, the Red Cross is now able to tell donors what communities their blood ends up in, making the entire experience more real.

I’m late to the game, as it appears that Red Cross has been doing  this since 2013, but I was just exposed to #RedCrossOnTheWay this week and absolutely love the effort. (I should clearly be donating more often!) Social media has been flooded with hundreds of posts about donation destinations, proving that #RedCrossOnTheWay is resonating with campaign recipients.

My blood went to serve someone within my community, landing in Mansfield, Ohio, only one hour outside of Columbus. This is incredible to me! I never knew where my donations traveled. Now knowing that my most recent donation helped someone nearby makes it deeply personal.  I look forward to seeing the mini stories surrounding my future blood donations.


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