New-Found Love for hitRECord

I’m mad I didn’t know about hitRECord until now. How did I miss the memo about this amazing site!? Thankfully a friend more hip than me brought it up in conversation.

Do you know about it? Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yes that one) created an open collaborative production company that releases short films, books, DVDs… tons of awesome media that is created by multiple people, from everywhere. Prompts go up from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and from general users – and you can contribute your writing, audio, animation, painting, video, or whatever, to expand upon that idea. When an idea really takes off or gets epic submissions, hitRECord sometimes turns the content into something real. It goes further than the internet. I love that.

An active, global art community. It doesn’t get any better!

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Personalized Marketing with #RedCrossOnTheWay

UntitledIt used to be that when you donated blood the story stopped there. You left the donation center with cookies, juice and a colorful bandage, but once you removed the gauze, the connection to your donation was gone.

You knew that you were ultimately helping someone in need, but your impact  was intangible.

Noting this disconnection, Red Cross instituted #RedCrossOnTheWay, sharing a little more of the story with those who give blood.

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