Defining My Style

style1As someone with eclectic interests, it can be hard to commit to things or continually go in one direction. New opportunities pop up, new items are introduced, trends develop, and I want to experience or have them all. Unfortunately this also means that I buy a lot of stuff that I don’t need or end up using.

This is particularly true when it comes to my wardrobe. I like a lot of different looks, colors and styles, but what I actually end up wearing is a different story. I gravitate towards black or neutrals, but have tried to fight that for years. Along the way I convinced myself that wearing black all the time meant that I was boring or plain. So I filled my closet with colorful shirts and dresses to compensate, but only wore those things occasionally.

Recently when I discovered Poshmark – an app that let’s you shop the closets of other users – I decided to sell the clothes I didn’t use in order to make a few extra dollars. A pattern quickly emerged. I was piling up items that were pink, yellow, patterned, bright and loud, and my hangers were holding on to things that were black, tan, maroon, leather, striped and comfortable. This forced me to really evaluate my style. What did I truly feel most confident in?

Surprisingly (maybe only to me!), my Pinterest profile was a great place to figure this out. A long time ago I created a board called ‘Dream Closet’ (here’s a link to the board) but had never really looked back at the collection of clothes I’d pinned. Once I did, it was very, very clear that my dream closet fell into the category of  ‘minimalist fashion.’

I decided to embrace this. Defining my style let me finally understand how I wanted to present myself. I found new confidence through the process. If I wanted to wear black all the time, I should, regardless of whether or not it fits with what is “popular.”

With a sigh of relief and boosted sense of self worth, I am now working to rebuild my closet accordingly. It can be difficult to let go of things, but I am slowly uploading more and more to Poshmark to rid my closet of things that aren’t representative of who I am. Those clothes aren’t “bad” but they aren’t healthy for me to keep. I am embracing my new style and creating an environment that better fits my tastes.

I’ve found it helpful to read other blogs and learn from women who have gone through similar scenarios. Two of my favorite resources include Allie Lehman’s blog where she regularly posts about simplifying her wardrobe, and the treasure trove of advice from Into Mind, written by Berlin resident Anuschka.

How do you define your style, and what does it mean to you?

(Photos sourced from 1. Plum Pretty Sugar, 2. Utanum, 3. WhoWhatWear, 4. Free People)


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