5 Floral Artists on Instagram

What’s better than the natural pick-me-up of fresh flowers? How about using those organic petals, leaves and stems to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art, outside of the traditional vase. To me, nothing’s more beautiful than creativity. Illustrating with botanical elements, here are five awe-inspiring Instagram accounts that can help boost your mood every time they pass though your feed.

  1. floraforager – Seattle’s Bridget Beth Collins is a botanical artist, painter, writer, nature lover and light seeker. She creates an eclectic range of floral patterns, prints and illustrations that will without doubt keep you inspired. My favorites? The lighthearted, whimsical animal, insect and character pieces. They are both adorable and impressive.floraforager
  2. facethefoliage – A creative project started by Justina Blakleney, #facethefoliage features portraits of women, men and couples all created from natural elements. Heavily contributed to by Blakleney, she also curates works from those who submit their art using the hashtag, so you’re sure to see a wide range of interpretations.
  3. sistergoldenshop – Brooke and Vicki are a creative duo who run their own boutique and regularly contribute to #facethefoliage. Expertly crafted, their designs stand out from the rest. I am memorized by the detail they can achieve with facial features.
  4. lovelimzy – Lim Zhi Wei lives in Singapore and uses petals, paint and everyday items to create stunning artwork. To her, Instagram is a place that conveys happiness through art for everyone to enjoy. A wonderful concept. Her depictions of female  dancers and formal dresses are absolutely  beautiful.
  5. redhongyi – Red Hong Yi is a master at using nontraditional mediums (like socks, chopsticks and coffee stains!) to create stunning installments. She states that she “likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush.” You can be sure that flowers, greenery, and vegetables have not gone unused. She recently partnered with Barbie for their #BeSuper campaign, where she created girls with superpowers using petals. I am a big fan of her bird series – the details are incredible.

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